Discover the Re_ Circularity

Revolutionizing Footwear

When you purchase from Re_, you're choosing to minimize waste and environmental impact. You're not just buying a pair of shoes; you're embracing an artisanal tradition and process.

Unique Design

Under the expert craftsmanship of Bárbara León, we transform textile waste into unique, high-quality designs. This is not just recycling, it's RE_DESIGNING.

Artisanal Consciousness

We construct each pair with attention to detail and durability. Here, handmade isn't just a trendy term; it's our pillar for RE_BUILDING a better world.

Extended Lifespan

Our focus on reusability extends the lifecycle of footwear and minimizes waste. We have agreements with local textile recycling center, manufacturers and individuals to make their waste our raw material. We invite you to RE_USE and be part of the solution.

Bárbara León

She is the visionary and skilled artisan at the heart of Re_. Her journey in fashion began in the vibrant landscapes of Andalusia, where childhood days spent around a family table, learning the crafts of fashion from her grandmother and aunts, laid the foundation for her passion.

At Re_, Barbara is not just creating footwear; she's redefining it. Each pair is a unique testament to the power of reuse, embodying the essence of recycled components with unmatched style and creativity. But it's not just about the shoes. It's about the message they carry – a call to rethink our interaction with everyday products and embrace the circular economy.

With a degree in fashion and a wealth of experience in shoe-making, design, and styling, Barbara is at the forefront of innovative footwear reconstruction. Her methods aren't just about fashion; they're about setting a trend for sustainability.

Join us at Re_, where we're more than a brand – we're a community. United by a vision for a sustainable future, we are the change-makers, the style innovators, and the eco-conscious.

Join the footwear revolution