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Re_ sneakers made from sneakers



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Upcycled streetwear shoes, repaired and reinforced to last. We begin with carefully selected worn-out shoes, restoring their uppers with precision and replacing the old soles with our own, made from recycled or biodegradable materials. The design is reinforced with high-quality leather, enhancing durability and breathing stylish new life into once-discarded treasures.

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Handmade on demand. Inquire for measuring instructions and crafting time

Each pair is completely handmade in Spain by Barbara León using local, upcycled materials to ensure superior craftsmanship and sustainability.

Please note that due to our slow-making process, each pair is crafted on demand to support our commitment to sustainable practices.

Each shoe is handcrafted using local and upcycled materials, and each pair of footwear produced at Re_ retains the essence of all the components that make it up. Therefore, the newly manufactured product will differ from the images while maintaining the essence of the upcycling artisan work method used. We understand this as a distinctive value, a testament to the unique character of the shoes and their history, distinguishing them from mass-produced items.